• Roronoa will be the one to murder Kaido. He always took damage and pain and come back 12 times stronger. Luffy should just rest. Roronoa Zoro will be a lot more stronger than Luffy. We will wait for his conquerors Haki and left eye to open.

  • The Grim Reaper we've seen appear over Zoro, I wonder if that's the personification or soul of Enma.

    The energy Enma has taken from Zoro over time, I wonder what happens to it, where it goes. Some of it has to have been used up, but what is left, I wonder if Enma can give it back.

  • Symbiosis is cool and all.
    BUT, im sold on Luffy using his fruit wrong the entire time. It seems so much more like ODA. Thats the thing about One Piece. Its never that complicated. The answer is usually simple. For the last 20years of this manga Luffy is the chosen one and he is using his fruit wrong. Im convinced it’s definitely not the gomu gomu no mi. Just off a lot of the dialogue in the last few chapters. I wont get into that. When it comes to “souls” im thinking more of the “will” or “embers” my hero reference of previous users of that fruit. Like One for All. We see this with Sabo and The Mera Mera No me and also Black Beard and his Yami Yami No mi.
    Sooooo i’ll say Luffy has a special devil fruit that either used to belong to the previous saviors therefore creating a trend or cycle because roger knew what or who joy boy was he was just too early OR the fruit is the savior fruit itself and Luffy met the requirements for inheriting that fruit. He came just in time for the beginning of that cycle be a “ D.” And all

  • Idk why, maybe it's because I'm going back and trying to finish bleach, but I feel like that grim reaper infront of zoro is the true form of enma. Enma is the king of hell or whatever so I think enma popped out and is showing itself to zoro as thanks for feeding/trusting it again like how Oden used to.

  • Mmmm, i just saw xebec and realised that his silhouette always seems laughing and has the same hairlook as luffy on the last panel. I'm curious now if there's actually a connection that has been twisted as well. Perhaps there's something that we were led to believe that's not true.

    It could have been that Xebec, Kaidou, Linlin were a good bunch who were manipulated by the world government and got pushed too far and became what they are now. And when they say 'it's fate', perhaps, when Xebec dies, his devil fruit and 'will' get carried back and got eaten by Luffy who is also somehow connected. That'd be something interesting and different.

    Could Xebec be joyboy? That's why Kaidou knows everything quite well and that's why he has been trying to die. To be joyboy. Maybe. Seems too far fetched.

  • I've asked this many times and no one can answer me. How do objects like a sword "eat" a devil fruit?! Am I the only one who's obsessing about this? Lol

  • I actually don't like the idea of different person taking over Luffy's body. I hope it's not like that or maybe Oda can pull it off in a way that makes me like the flow of the story.

  • Thanks VinlanD for being consistent in sharing your view about Zoro being part of the theory. In Thriller Bark , Zoro’s powerful moment happen after Moria was defeated. He has never been down before the main antagonist was defeated , and I don’t understand why this will be the first time. Oda loves Zoro and will make him come back to either challenge Kaido again or help Luffy finish the war.

    Reactionary fans forget the love Zoe has for his Captain and crew. I don’t understand how anyone could hate on Zoro after everything he has done for the crew and especially Luffy. The man has been near death multiple times for his crew, and there’s people out there who ‘hate’ him. Plastic fans

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