• Every time Luffy defeats an important enemy, his next bounty is higher than from the enemy in cuestion. So, probably it will be between 4.7-5 Billion

  • My prediction are

    Luffy: 5 billion
    Zoro: 2 billion
    Sanji: 1.75 billion
    Yamato: 1.2-1.6 billion
    Robin: 1-2 billion
    Jinbe: 1.038 billion
    Usopp: 900 million
    Franky: 777 million
    Brook: 640 million
    Nami: 506 million
    Chopper: 200…or 300 million
    Kid: 2 billion
    Law: 2 billion
    Killer: 800 million
    Bepo: 5000
    Drake: 600 million
    Apoo: 650 million
    Izou: 950 million
    Marco: 2 billion

  • 3B..!!Bro…thats kinda disrepectful to Luffy,imagine defeating a 4Bill yonkou then being given 2 to 3 Bill bounty just becoz.!!
    I think Luffy's bounty goes upto Billion 4.8+….after Wano. On par with or even higher than Kaidou's.

  • Luffy – 4 . 2 B
    Zoro – 1.6 B
    Sanji – 1.4 B
    Robin – 1 B ( know how to read poneglyff )
    Franky – 1 B ( in possesion of pluton )

    Yamato – 750 M
    Jimbei – 750 M
    Brook – 400 M
    Nami – 200 M
    Usopp – 200 M ( bounty will not change( will get higher bounty after elbaf))
    Chopper – 100 M or 10,000 berry

  • In my opinion both sanji and zoro bountys will be more then 1 bil cause they are right and left hand of a yonko .. after defeating kaido luffy surely will become a yonko and it's reasonable to give more then 1bil bountys to his right and left hand

  • My prediction would be
    Luffy 3.0 – 3.2 Billion
    Zoro 1.3 – 1.5 Billion
    Sanji 1.2 -1.3 Billion
    Jinbe 800Mil – 1.0 Bil
    Yamato 500Mil – 1.0 Bil
    Franky/Robin 500Mil – 800Mil
    Brook/Usop/Nami 300Mil – 500Mil
    Chopper 1000(?)

  • Doesnt make any sense. You defeated a 4b and your bounty result is lower than that? It should be more or less be near the bounty you defeated. Its more realistic. If you defeated a strong char like kaido it means your more of a threat than him. Is it is more logical? , 😅

  • I'm gonna call my prediction for the bounties
    Luffy – 3-3.5bil
    Zoro – 1.5bil
    Sanji – 1.4bil
    Jinbe – 830mil
    Robin – 670mil
    Usopp – 500mil
    Franky – 444mil
    Brook – 383mil
    Chopper(if he will be seen as a threat and not a pet) – around 300mil
    Nami – 266mil
    If Carrot joins – 180mil
    If Yamato joins – between 500-800mil

  • Bounties after wano.
    Luffy: 3.5-3.8B
    Of course he will have the biggest bounty in the straw hats for defeating kaido, but he will not surpass kaido's bounty because he didn't defeated him alone. Kaido fought 16 different persons already..

    Zoro: 1.5-1.8B
    He will definitely reach 1B bounty mark because he had done more than anyone else in this war..
    ✓ He one-shotted apoo.
    ✓ He was one of the supernovas who challenged kaido and bigmom..
    ✓ He will defeat king.
    ✓ Having a ties with the legendary samurai ryuma..(probably)

    Sanji: 997M-1.2B
    He may have pass the billion mark but he not too close to zoro's bounty since all he have done so far was defeating queen..

    Jinbei: 700-900M
    For defeating a tobiroppo

    Robin: 1B
    For defeating a tobiroppo and her knowledge about poneglyphs is a huge threat..

    Franky: 600M-800M
    Defeated a tobiroppo.

    Brook: 300M

    Ussop: 777M

    Nami: 316M

    Chopper: 500,000,050😅

    Yamato: 1.2B
    Because she has a ties with kaido and joining the straw hats.

  • dont look at this logically
    Oda increases the bounty higher than his opponent whenever its a big win
    Oda dosent care about logic or else he should have been around 700M to 1B
    he did a mass breakout of impel down and survived the War of the best as a rookie
    it surely is going to be higher than Kaido's current bounty

  • They say that Shank's crew has the most evenly distributed bounties between the commanders and the captain. Considering, that Luffy is following Shanks as a role model, I believe Luffy's 3 top commanders ; Zoro, Sanji, Jinbe will have bounties similar to that of luffy. Currently it is obvious that Zoro's and Sanji's bounties are too low. Zoro being 320 Mil and Sanji 330 Mil. This is saying that Zoro and Sanji currently are weaker than War arc luffy. This is non sense as the 2 easily defeated a pacifista, which war arc luffy was just barely capable of doing. That being said, I think the bouties that sanji and zoro deserve rn is around the 500mil mark. Post wano, when we see Zoro's full power, along with his conqurors haki, the bounties of all 3 of luffy's commanders will reach around 1 billion. Jinbe, may not get a big powerboost, but being a former warlord joining the new yonko will put his bounty at a comfortable 650 Mil. Sanji with his new raid suit will reach a bounty of 990 Mil. Zoro with his full power revealed will boast a bounty of around 1.2 Bil. After wano their will be another minor clash, between Sanji and an admiral. Sanji will win High diff and get a small powerboost. After this his bounty will be well over 1 billion, close to 1.3 billion similar to Marco The Phoenix. Of course, we all know, Zoro will fight Mihawk, and when Zoro defeats Mihawk, he will reach a bounty of 1.6 billion. After Sanji defeats an admiral, Smoker will be the new admiral.

  • I agree with both Sanji’s and Zoro’s bounty predictions but I believe Lucy’s bounty is going to be way higher by the end of wano you guys should check Mr. Morj on YouTube his prediction is great in my opinion

  • Luffy – 5.656 Billion Berries
    Zoro – 1.620 Billion Berries
    Sanji – 1.330 Billion Berries

    Assumption. Wano will be the last bounty rise the strawhats get because we’re entering the endgame.

  • My Prediction Bounties: Monster Trio(Straw Hat Pirates)
    Left Hand:Sanji raise bounty to 1.1 billion beli
    Right Hand:Zorro raise bounty to 1.2 billion beli
    Captain:Luffy raise bounty to 4 billion beli

  • My prediction: Zoro's bounty will increase at 1.5B and sanji's bounty will increase 1.4B cause he will defeat queen that has a 1.320B bounty

  • People be forgetting that sanji is literally part of germa and is considered a big threat to the WG so it makes sense for him to have a higher bounty even if zoro is stronger

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