• I think both big mom and kaido will be stuck in their holes due to seastone. Wano is known for mining seastone. It isn't too far fetched to think they landed on or in a seastone deposit and can't escape.

  • wano is about WW2, I was expecting some sort of bomb exploding and that being the new weapon developed by Vegapunk… him being the next villain fits the references presented by oda with big mom (queen Elizabeth) and kaido (I don't wanna name him because I'd be labeled as "racist")

  • What if Rocks was in fact Luffys Grandmother.
    That makes it all the more tragic when Garp is the one who has to intervene and adds further pathos to the difficult decisions he’s had to make over his whole career.

  • We still haven't seen the lurking legend that was mentioned by either Oda or the editor (I can't remember). At this point the lurking legend would have to be Vegapunk. Nobody else makes sense to me. So like you said, Vegapunk shows up with SSG and possibly gives us more lore. Good video! Can't wait for 1050

  • Cmon man…I thought you knew your stuff..
    Big Mom said she gave Kaido the fish fruit the day Rocks fell at God valley…
    + Even if you forget that, it is shown that Big Mom is looking for Kaido at Hachinosu island AFTER the God Valley incident
    ++ Kaido said pirate alliances are meant to fail in betrayal which heavily implies he experienced a major betrayal himself
    and will not ever again trust an alliance with another pirate.
    (even with Big Mom, he makes it clear its temporary until they
    both get smth out of it they will fight each other over the one piece)
    Besides that gripe I really appreciate your content 😛

  • I agree Wano isn’t over, but disagree that Kaido is firmly down. I suspect the back half of Wano is going to be a free for all between Beast Pirates, Big Mom Pirates, World Gov’t and the Wano Alliance.

  • Also what could be really nice to see as a parallel for Kaido and WB is :
    He crolls back for the hole, luffy is unconscious, he sees Momonosuke and he gives him a speech like WB before dying. Then Momo(as Oden) tells exactly the same thing to Kaido that his dad told him : Leave Wano and never come back. And then when Kaido falls, the dawn shines on Momo, announcing a new dawn on Wano and the world!

    Also : It would be awesome if the red scabbards find a way to help Momo and finish Kaido, and here's why. That would be the perfect parallel to WB because at Marineford WB was finished by exactly 9 members, so that would be exactly the same thing! And without talking about all the poetic and meaningful act that would be

  • You know whats crazy, each time I think Oda has reached the maximum of his art, he reaches new ceilings, let me explain..

    Chapter 668, this is the chapter Law asked Luffy to create an alliance against Kaido, this chapter was published the 28 may 2012.

    Chapter 1050, Kaido will (maybe) be announced as vainquished. Publishing dat 26 may 2022.

    We waited exactly 10 years for this adventure. This might explain how the pace of the fight was a little bit awkward the last couple of weeks.

    It's insane how the red scabbards waited 20 years to their revenge, and Oda made us litteraly feel that wait for 10 years.. Just insane..

  • I agree that Kaido is down, but I expected that final clash/Momo moving Onigashima to take at least 3-4 chapters, but it was over in like 1.5 with very little fanfare. It happened so fast that's it's hard to believe that that was the end. And yet everything indicates that it's over. Not a good finale to their battle imo. Hopefully Kaido will get up at some point and do something interesting to close him out. I'm excited to see where things go now.

  • I just want to see kaido's victory roar, preferably in the form of his Zoan awakening as once he transforms and roars, historical victory is ensured.

    I'm high on the "Kaido is yet to show awakening" train 🚂

  • I have a feeling that Kaido was in a situation similar to Squard and was manipulated in a way that made him do something that hurt Rocks and inevitable got him killed. Which after realizing what he did, Kaido got suicidal.

  • My theory is the SSG is actually Shanks and his meeting with the Gorosei was him being forced into servitude and he will get a cool metal arm like Zephyr and will be asked to fight Mihawk

  • 11:55 Exactly. Luffy can’t kill Kaido as that will fulfill his dream of a meaningful death at the hands of a worthy opponent but being put underground and forgotten while the world goes around without him is the best punishment he could get thematically. Wano will grow and flourish in spite of him.

  • Would be disappointed if Momo put Onigashima on Kaido.

    Luffy essentially gave Wano a “Looney Tunes” body shaped hole of Kaido in a spiral.

    I assume it was because Kaido was in that upgraded fire form that could melt the skulls horn.

    Would be cool for the future lore of the One Piece world for Wano to have the “Dragon Crater”.

    500yrs into the future Luffy will essentially be remembered as a kind of “God” when he eventually takes down the World Government and RedLine.

    That’s actually a fun theory video idea about how the world will remember the Straw Hats 100-1,000 years into the future.

  • Do you think this is the end of momonosuke’s character arc? If you do, don’t you think this was very anticlimactic? Him carrying Onigashima has been built up for dozens of chapters, only for it to end in a tiny panel that was completely rushed. Many, including me, thought he was gonna hold up Onigashima with his dragon body, like oden held up the scabbards. But nothing as cool as that happened

  • There is so much good in here that I truly felt like you heard us in the community and voiced our feelings! Hoping for it but Oda will still make it a banger! 🔥

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