Find out who is Anirudh Pisharody who plays the character of Des in Season 3 of My First Times on Netflix!

My First Times is available on Netflix! If you want to know who is Anirudh Pisharody, read on! The first two seasons focus on Devi’s fixation on Paxton, the most popular boy in school, and an unexpected romance with her nemesis, Ben. To find out when season 4 will be released, read this.

The Season 3 of My First Times opens with a relationship between Devi and Paxton, but it doesn’t go as well as she thought. Although things come to an end between them, this heartache is accompanied by a glimmer of hope. A new love interest enters the picture in the form of Nirdesh, aka Des. Here’s everything we know about the Des actor, Anirudh Pisharody !

Who is Anirudh Pisharody?

Born on February 2, 1994, the Indian-American actor Anirudh Pisharody is 28 years old. when leaving the Season 3 of My First Timesmaking him eight years older than Devi’s 20-year-old actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

Anirudh Pisharody was born in Trichur, Kerala India but moved with his family to Austin, Texas, USA at a young age. In order to help him pursue an acting career, Anirudh has since moved to Los Angeles. To know the explanation of the end of season 3, read this.

TV fans will most likely recognize Anirudh for his role in the series 9-1-1 where he plays Ravi Panikkar, while the actor has also appeared in Totally TV, Chicken Girls, The Goldbergs, Last Man Standing, Killer Competition and Morgan’s Secret Admirer.

Anirudh Pisharody my first times

Where to follow the Des actor on Instagram?

Like most players in modern industry, Anirudh Pisharody is very active on social media, more specifically on Instagram, where he currently has just over 39,000 followers as of August 12, 2022, but this can only increase with a prominent role in My First Times. To chase Des actor Anirudh on Instagram @anirudh.pisharody!

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