Find out who Devi ends up with as a couple at the end of Season 3 of My First Times on Netflix!

My First Times is available on Netflix! If you want to know with whom Devi is in a relationship at the end of the third season., read on! Series My First Times on Netflix follows the story of Devi Vishwakumar, an Indian American teenager who tries to liven up her love life, while dealing with deeply personal issues. To find out when season 4 will be released, read this.

The first two seasons focus on fixing Devi about Paxton, the most popular boy in school, and an unexpected romance with his nemesis, Ben. The season 3 opens with a relationship between Devi and Paxton, but it doesn’t go as well as she thought. To find all the music from season 3, read this.

Although things come to an end between them, this heartache is accompanied by a glimmer of hope. A new love interest enters the picture in the form of Nirdesh, aka Des. With all these boys in his circle, with who is Devi in ​​a relationship at the end of season 3 of My First Times? We tell you everything!

With whom is Devi in ​​a relationship at the end of Season 3 of My First Times?

Devi meets up with Ben at the end of Season 3 of My First Times. After Des arrived on the scene, he and Devi start seeing each other behind their parents’ backs. However, Des’ mother forbids her son from dating. Devifearing that his past of bad decisions and the traumatic death of his father will drag him down.

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Devi realizes that she can’t be happy in a relationship if she’s not happy with who she is, and she wonders if she should leave Sherman Oaks to go to boarding school in Shrubland. In the season finale, Ben who broke up with Aneesa says that Devi she would really miss her if she left and in that moment she realizes that Ben is the one she should have been with all along.

The season ends with Devi who visits Ben to cash in on a “Free Fuck” voucher he jokingly made for her after complaining that she was destined to remain a virgin forever. Episode 10 ends with Ben and Devi sharing a kiss before the door closes and the credits roll. You understood it, end of Season 3 of My First TimesDevi is in a relationship with Ben.