Find out all the info about Season 4 of Glow Up on Netflix! Release date and time etc.

Glow Up is back on Netflix! If you want to know all the information about the season 4 release, read on! In this BBC Three original series and netflix, contestants compete in weekly rounds where their work is judged by industry professionals Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, as well as different guest stars each week. The show’s first two outings were hosted by Stacey Doley, and in the third installment, hosting duties were handed over to Maya Jama.

Fans have enjoyed the 24 episodes available, which are around 60 minutes long, and many want to find out as much information as possible about the upcoming series. So here’s everything subscribers need to know about the release of season 4 of Glow Up on Netflix.

What is the release date and time for Season 4 of Glow Up on Netflix?

The wait is no longer very long! The Glow Up Season 4 release date has been set for August 19, 2022. For the most impatient, Glow Up Season 4 release time was set at 9:01 am in France!

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Who will be the candidates?

During the third season of Glow Up, the show became one of the first to incorporate each contestant’s pronouns into their pitches. Jack Oliver, a non-binary contestant from the third season of Glow Up helped the show move forward in this revolutionary way. We may have all kinds of amazing contestants in this new season!

“I checked the box for my birth gender, but added that I disagreed,” Oliver said. “Once I had a call with them it became a topic of conversation and we discussed it. … We had a meeting about it during the audition process, and I suggested that adding pronouns next to our names, ages, and jobs would be an easy way to do things. I got hundreds of messages from people, it makes non-binary people so happy to see this performance on TV. ”