Find out who El Jefe is in Day Shift! Have you seen the character?

Day Shift is available on Netflix! For those who wish to know who is eljefe, read on! A man pulls up in front of a quiet house in the San Fernando Valley and walks toward a litter-strewn swimming pool. He begins to clean up, using a net to catch empty beer bottles and a drowned opossum.

Then, without being asked, he enters the apparently empty house. He surveys the premises, and an old woman suddenly appears. The man shoots her in the heart, which starts a fierce battle. She is a vampire. He is a hunter. To know the explanation of the ending in detail, read this.

day-shift, JJ Perry’s directorial debut, opens with this twisted, action-packed scene. The man, Bud Jablonski, and the vampire face off in a meticulously choreographed fight lasting several minutes. El Jefe (translated into French by the boss) does not appear in Day-Shift. It is only mentioned twice. However, it looks like he could play an important role if there are sequels to Day Shift. We tell you everything about the release of a sequel here. Otherwise, we tell you everything about El Jefe in Day Shift!

Who is El Jefe in Day Shift?

El Jefe is a mysterious character, even among vampire hunters. Some, including Bud, think thatEl Jefe does not exist. However, hunters like Big John Elliott don’t seem to agree. According to Set, El Jefe is a legendary 700-year-old vampire who is said to be the head of the Los Angeles drug trade. Currently, he is apparently waiting for the right moment to reappear.

El Jefe is mentioned again later in the film. Bud and Big John come across Audrey’s stockpile of weapons, which includes vampire-killing bullets. This surprises the two vampire hunters, and Bud wonders aloud if Audrey is not El Jefebut Big John disagrees, saying that El Jefe is much bigger than that.

el jefe day shift

Audrey may not be El Jefe, but it’s clear she’s been hoarding bullets that can kill vampires for a specific reason. Although “Day Shift” does not provide a clear answer to this question, it is possible that she planned to go to war against El Jefe. In the final scene of the film, we discover that Big John is alive. It’s obvious that Big John is a vampire himself. Otherwise, he would not have survived.

Now it is quite possible that it is El Jefe and this is our theory. He probably came to Bud’s aid knowing the threat Audrey posed to his empire. Living the double life of a vampire hunter and a vampire can be tricky, but as demonstrated Day-Shift, it is doable, even if both personalities are legendary. However, it is just as possible thatEl Jefe or someone completely different.

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