Discover the explanation of the end of Season 1 of A Model Family on Netflix! Spoilers!

A Model Family is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of Season 1, read on! A man is always desperate for something. Money or power, we all have our weaknesses. In A Model Family, drug dealer Ma Kwang-chul explains that there is one type of person who is more desperate than others. To find out when season 2 will be released, read this.

He gives the example of Professor Park Dong-Ha, who is not only the breadwinner but also has to find money for his son’s heart operation. Professor Park is in desperate need of money, but more than that he wants to protect his family, and for that he is willing to do anything. Anything. If you have any questions regarding the End of Season 1 of A Model Familywe tell you everything!

A Model Family Season 1 Ending Explained

To the End of Season 1 of A Model Family, the marital issues between Dong-ha and Eun-ju are far from over. As Dong-ha approaches the police station to surrender, he receives a phone call. A mysterious man speaks on the other end of the line, telling her to keep the phone safe because her family’s life depends on it. And the circle seems to begin again.

This mysterious man cannot be Kwang-chul or his subordinates. So it’s probably a high-ranking member of Sangseon Ring, who is targeting Dong-ha because of his connection to Kwang-chul. During his investigation, Joo-hyun discovers that there is a mole in the police department, and that it was this person who provided information on Han-cheol. She eventually learns that Lieutenant Jung-kook is the mole.

a model family season 1 end

Unfortunately for Jung-kook, Yun-seok records the whole incident leading up to his death. Joo-hyun had romantic feelings for Han-cheol, and she was very fond of Yun-seok. She entrusts the evidence she gathered against Jung-kook to two trusted officers, before heading to the police station and virtually executing her former mentor. Although Joo-hyun is arrested, the whole fiasco of Han-cheol’s death and the complicity of law enforcement comes to light.

Han-cheol’s death is one of the greatest mysteries of A Model Family. In the season finale, Dong-ha retrieves the van’s surveillance camera and learns what really happened that fateful evening.

The moment Han-cheol stopped the car, Myeong-su attacked. Both men died in the encounter. With his dying breath, Han-cheol said Eun-ju’s name as his van slammed into Dong-ha’s car. Later, Joo-hyun finds Han-cheol’s body after Dong-ha sends a photo of the location via the man’s phone.