Less than a month ago, we brought you this major revelation of the Creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Odaconcerning the year of end of his manga worship. And as the work inexorably approaches its end, the manga artist can finally begin to project himself out of work, thus having recently shared his plans after having finished with the adventures of Luffy and the rest of the crew Straw hat.

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Eiichiro Oda has been working on One Pieceand the mangaka is renowned for his extraordinary schedule and his legendary workload. So much so that we recently learned that he only visited his family once a week, so as not to distract himself too much and to be able to continue his manga. We therefore understand how colossal the level of commitment of Oda is.

But with the end of his cult work looming on the horizon, the mangaka begins to think about what he could do once he’s done with it. One Piece. And on the occasion of a Japanese TV show, where fans were able to discover the wacky and wonderful interior of his house, Oda also revealed what he plans to do once his manga ends..

The creator of One Piece would then consider traveling every daybecause it seems that the artist is a little bit jealous of the many voyages that the Straw Hat Pirates have experienced over the years.

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A form of jealousy more than understandable, especially in view of the daily life of the author during all these years. Indeed, we had already mentioned to you that One Piece was among the manga that exhausted its creators the most, with Oda being famous for getting up at 5 a.m. and being able to work for 21 consecutive hours, thus only getting three hours of sleep per night. Such a rhythm has notably earned him health problems in the past, thus forcing him to slow down the pace a little since 2020.

Because it should be remembered that on several occasions, Oda had stressed that he had never considered that his manga exceed the thousand chapters. On many occasions, the mangaka had to add new characters, which ended up extending the story, and this to the delight of the fans, who were thus able to discover more in depth the crazy and limitless imagination of the author.

The story of a work that has become emblematic, all over the world, is therefore approaching its end, bringing with it many revelations, awaited by fans for many years now. The truth about One Piece will soon be revealed, and no doubt fans are eager to find out if Luffy will fulfill his dream and become the Pirate King.


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