Last month, we revealed to you that Tite Kubothe creator of the manga Bleach, teased it anime’s last arc, and it looked very good. And while many fans are waiting impatiently to discover the rest of the adventures of the famous shinigami alternate, recent information suggests that this streaming platform might well accommodate the anime sequel.

a big return to mickey?

It has now been 10 years since fans of Bleach await the continuation of the anime, the latter having suddenly stopped its broadcast in 2012. However, Tite Kubo’s manga had managed to rise to the top, being considered one of the Big Threeone of the most popular manga of the time, alongside naruto by Mashashi Kishimoto and One Piece by Eiichiro Oda.

But in 2020, fans learned with surprise that the anime left in suspense was indeed going to be entitled to a sequel, and we even now know that this sequel is normally scheduled for October of this year. However, we didn’t yet know on what platform the anime series would be available, a question that is important for many fans.

And recently, the statements of a well-known insider of the specialized press suggest that a platform in particular, determined to take its market share in a booming animation industry, could be the lucky one . And this streaming platform would be none other than Disney+. Indeed, it looks like Disney has acquired the streaming rights for the anime’s next arc. Bleach, titled Thousand Year Blood War (VF: Thousand Year Bloody War).

Sugoi LITE (OECUF) on Twitter:

However, it is important to remember that no official announcement has confirmed this information., these are therefore to be taken with a grain of salt. But the idea does not seem impossible, in the sense that Disney seems to want to enter the anime market too, allowing it to catch up with its competitor Netflix, which has invested heavily in the sector in recent years. We observe that Disney’s streaming platform had already started its efforts earlier in the yearincluding hosting the anime Summer Time Rendering (VF: Time Shadows).

This announcement then raises several questions, in particular concerning the famous question of the simulcast (ie: quasi-simultaneous broadcasting between the country of origin of a program and broadcasting in other territories). Having had no previous cases of simulcast anime at Disney, we don’t yet know what to expect. It’s also worth noting that for a long time it was Netflix that had some of the anime. Bleach in its catalog. However, the latter no longer being present there, one can also wonder if the previous seasons will be available on Disney + at some point.

We will therefore have to wait for an official confirmation to find out more about this., but there is no doubt that many fans are eager to find Ichigo Kurosaki and the other characters of Soul Society. And to continue in the same theme, discover how the author of the famous manga Bleach cropped fans who were critical of this characterjust here.