Free Fire MAX has built up a huge community among content creators and streamers with millions of followers across various platforms. In this article, we will take a look at Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, Headshot Rate, K/D Ratio, YouTube Channel, Monthly Earnings and more for August 2022.


lord of the sky is among the most popular content creators and streamers in the Indian Free Fire community with millions of followers. He also creates Free Fire game related videos and reaction videos. Let’s take a look at Skylord Free Fire MAX ID, headshot rate, k/d ratio, YouTube channel, monthly income and more for August 2022.

Skylord ID Free Fire MAX

Skylord Free Fire Max ID is ‘77985476‘ his in-game alias is ‘Lord of the sky69’.

lifetime stats

Skylord Lifetime Stats
Skylord Lifetime Stats

In squad mode, he has participated in 15,761 games and has 7,831 first places to his name. Killed 54,192 enemies with a K/D ratio and headshot ratio of 6.83 and 22.14%.

The content creator has outsmarted his enemies in 763 games and has 181 Booyahs to his name. He has taken 2272 kills to maintain a kill-to-kill ratio and headshot rate of 3.90 and 27.51% respectively.

Skylord has participated in 764 matches and has won 129 of them. It has secured 2,486 kills to boast a K/D ratio of 3.91.

qualifying statistics

Skylord Ranked Stats
Skylord Ranked Stats

The content creator has appeared in 134 team games and has taken 74 first places in team mode. He has taken the lives of 803 enemies to boast a kill-to-kill rate of 13.38 and a headshot rate of 29.94%.

Skylord has yet to make his first appearance in solo and duo mode in the latest ranked season.

Skylord YouTube channel and monthly earnings

Skylord uploaded his first video on his YouTube channel’lord of the sky‘ in 2020. He has posted 228 videos on his YouTube channel gathering a huge fan base of 1.46 million subscribers and over 152 million combined views also on his YouTube channel’lord of the sky

According to the latest estimates of SocialBladeAbhiuday’s monthly earnings from his YouTube channel’lord of the sky‘ is between $376 and $6k.

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Note: The statistics in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as Skylord continues to play more games at MAX Free Kick.

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