Epic Games,Fortnite“When”Dragon Ball” announced the holding of a new collaboration event, and released a gameplay trailer.

From the TV anime “Dragon Ball Super”, four characters, Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus, will appear in the game, and the quest “Unleash Your Power!” with plenty of original rewards will be added.

The training set, which tests a player’s strength, agility, concentration, etc., consists of 7 sets. For each set you complete, you will receive a Dragon Ball. enter. Also, clearing the quest will unlock gorgeous rewards such as the back accessory “Dragon Radar”, emotes, sprays, and battle pass levels. The Unleash Your Power! quest will be available until Tuesday, August 30th at 5pm PT.

In addition, the bounty board is temporarily replaced with a “VS board”, allowing players to duel each other. The rule is that when the opponent is decided, each position is displayed on each other’s map, and the opponent must be defeated within the time limit of 5 minutes.

In each match of Battle Royale, you can obtain Kamehameha and Shintoun from Capsule Corporation capsules, which can be used to shoot powerful energy beams at enemies or summon Shintoun to fly around the island.

“Kame House” appears on a small island off the coast. If you talk to Bulma, she might give you powerful items in exchange for ingots.

In addition, the “Episode Festival” will be held where you can watch carefully selected episodes of “Dragon Ball Super”. You can also watch specific episodes using island codes (coming soon) for each episode. The following episodes will be screened.

Dragon Ball Super – Episode 9: Sorry for the wait, Beerus-sama! Finally, a Super Saiyan God is born!
Dragon Ball Super – Episode 10: Show me Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God! !
Dragon Ball Super – Episode 11: Let’s keep going Beerus-sama! A battle between gods and gods!
Dragon Ball Super – Episode 13: Goku, Surpass the Super Saiyan God!
Dragon Ball Super – Episode 81: Crusher Bergamo vs Son Goku! Which is the strength of the blue ceiling? ?
Dragon Ball Super – Episode 98: Oh Mujou! Desperate Universe! !

From August 19th (US time), “Dragon Ball Adventure Island” will open and you can explore iconic locations of Dragon Ball. In addition to mini-game challenges such as flying around the ring course on a Shintoun at God’s Temple, cooking at Goku’s house, and challenging the obstacle course in the Spirit and Time Room, You can try your strength at the battle arena “Tenkaichi Budokai”.

The item shop sells skins for Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus, as well as back accessory items such as Nyoi sticks.

Check here for more details. “Fortnite” is being distributed for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Windows/Android for free.