Warner Bros. Discovery today released a statement supporting Harry Potter designer JK Rowling, who was threatened by a Twitter user for her anguish over last week’s attack on fellow author Salman Rushdie.

“Warner Bros. Discovery strongly condemns the threats made against JK Rowling,” the company said today. “We are with her and with all the authors, storytellers and creators who courageously express their creativity and their opinions. WBD believes in free speech, peaceful speech, and supporting those who offer their opinions in the public arena. Our hearts go out to Sir Salman Rushdie and his family following the senseless act of violence in New York. The company strongly condemns any form of threat, violence or intimidation where opinions, beliefs and thoughts may differ.

On Friday, Rowling tweeted about Rushdie, who was attacked on stage during a lecture. “I feel very sick right now. May he be well,” Rowling wrote.

A Twitter user responded with a threat. “Don’t worry, you’re next.”

Rowling tweeted directly to Twitter with the message: “Any chance for support?”

Rowling then thanked her supporters and said “the police are involved” as she claimed they had threatened her before.

Rushdie has been taken off a ventilator and is talking, according to reports. The man who attacked him is being held without bail in New York and faces attempted murder charges.

Rushdie, the author of the novel satanic verses, was the subject of death threats made in 1989 by the late Iranian leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Rushdie was accused of “insulting Islam” in his novel. The death threat had a $3 million bounty, and Rushdie then went into hiding on his first show. It has more recently relaxed its security, which may have led to the attack last week.