Tommy Lee has been the drummer for Motley Crue for over 40 years now.

But if you ask anyone under 30 what he’s best known for, chances are he’ll say his sex tape with Pamela Anderson and his famous massive dong.

So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Lee is still rocking his most famous asset on Instagram.

It’s good to stay fresh, but sometimes your fans just want to see you play the hits.

Tommy Lee shows off his full dong on Instagram: My Bad, Everyone!
Tommy Lee posted a nude photo on Instagram this week. (Photo via Instagram)

Yep, Tommy’s Salami made an unexpected appearance on the ‘Gram this week when the rocker unexpectedly posted a full-face pic.

“Ooooopppsss,” Lee captioned the photo.

Despite this comment, something tells us that the post was no accident!

Image by Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee is on the microphone in this photo of the longtime musician. He was married to Pamela Anderson! (Photo via Getty)

Lee deleted it soon after, but not before thousands of fans had their say.

“Well, I didn’t expect this when I opened Instagram,” one fan joked, according to Page 6.

“Please hang up the phone,” joked another.

“Your pestle fell off,” replied a third.

Tommy Lee shows off his full dong on Instagram: My Bad, Everyone!
Tommy Lee and his drumming skills are legendary. (Photo via Getty)

The official LGBTQ app account Grindr had perhaps the best comment of the night, writing “Bad app, baby.”

Lee’s wife, famed content creator and online comic Brittany Furlan, commented, “OH MY GOD.”

We’re sure she was more grateful than appalled.

Tommy Lee shows off his full dong on Instagram: My Bad, Everyone!
Tommy Lee is married to actress Brittany Furlan. (Photo via Instagram)

After all, Brittany has helped Tommy produce wang-related content in the past.

In 2019, the couple released a video in which Furlan supported her husband by lifting the full weight of his important member.

“These new Instagram filters are finally going to wood… I mean GOOD!!!!!! they finally gave me my own filter,” Lee captioned the video.

Unsurprisingly, this one wasn’t alive very long either.

Tommy Lee Selfie
Tommy Lee is a beloved figure on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

After all, Instagram is a site that doesn’t even allow female nipples to appear.

We’re guessing they’re not too big on genitals of any kind, and they’re probably keeping a pretty close eye on Tommy’s account.

Tommy’s bric-a-brac has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to the recent Hulu miniseries about the infamous sex tape he and Pamela produced.

The footage was stolen and leaked in 1995, and Pam and Tommy offered a comic recreation of these events.

Tommy Lee shows off his full dong on Instagram: My Bad, Everyone!
Pam and Tommy got married after just 96 hours of dating. (Photo via Getty)

Anderson was definitely not a fan of the project, and she openly condemned the producers for poking fun at a very dark time in her life.

Despite controversy, mixed reviews, and a lukewarm response from audiences, the project received four Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.

But Tommy probably doesn’t care one way or another if the show wins any awards.

After all, he’s already swinging a sizable trophy between his legs.