In a film provided exclusively to PEOPLE, the 26-year-old Little Women actress opens up about her lifelong passion for the outdoors as she ventures outside for an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge.

In the video, Pugh casually remarks, “My grandma’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie.” Your grandmother?, closely followed by Grylls saying, “I love her.”

Pugh recalled that the two frequently went mountain climbing. In the video, Pugh says, “We would go mountain climbing, and she still goes.” “She is 85 years old. She’s been climbing with her buddies, and she’s envious of me being here right now.”

When Grylls asks where Pugh gets his “sense of adventure”, Pugh replies, “I think so.”
Pugh explains that his grandmother had asked for an offer for their next excursion and that “she wants to attend.

For a brief period, the video cuts to Pugh’s grandmother as she stands in the woods on her “regular dog walk.” “Welcome to Running Wild with Florence and Granny Pat,” Grylls replies.

In the volcanoes and jungles of Costa Rica, Pugh and Grylls teach the star of Midsommar how to cross rapids, gauge the level of a river using a rope and a rock, and stay cool. away from poisonous snakes and steep cliffs. They catch eels for dinner while cruising through a swamp that is home to alligators.

On day two, Pugh must determine the depth of a cascading pool before deciding to jump off a high cliff into a section of rapids below.

In the new show, there are other famous guests, such as Simu Liu and Natalie Portman, who are both Marvel actors. Each visitor receives instruction in survival techniques and puts them to the test in the wild.
On Monday, August 15, Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge will feature an episode featuring Florence Pugh.