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Man, some days the wheels of justice spin so slow you can’t even tell if the engine is running. Some weeks, however, the wheels spin so fast you feel like you’re watching a fast furious film. Only the crimes are even more outrageous.

The week started with the shocking news that the FBI executed a search warrant donald trump‘s Mar-A-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. He and his minions spoke out against the feds, likening the raid to the illegal political persecution you’d find in an authoritarian regime (you know, the kind Trump has consistently praised throughout his political career). They said it was for nothing – and after the National Archives got involved, making it clear that these were documents Trump took from the White House, Trump’s people further downplayed it. Just a few documents? Who cares, right?

Cue the “Lock Her Up” chants…

Trump claimed the FBI warrant was withheld from the public because it was so illegitimate. It was his great defense. Of course he was lying – he had copies of the warrant, he could have shown it to everyone himself. There was a reason he chose not to.

Attorney General Merrick Garland knew all of this and called his bluff on Thursday, agreeing to unseal the search warrant. On Friday, a judge signed off, and it went public — and things got so much worse for the ex-president than most of us expected.

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The whole thing has been unsealed, and if you’re a particularly legal-minded reader, you can check it out for yourself HERE. But we’ll do our best to give you the highlights…

What was seized

The feds took dozens of items, more than 20 boxes, from Trump’s office at Mar-A-Lago with rather vague descriptions, including:

  • Information about: President of France.
  • Executive Clemency Grant Re: Roger Jason Stone, Jr.
  • 3 sets of “confidential” documents
  • 3 sets of “secret” documents
  • 4 sets of “top secret” documents
  • 1 set of documents marked “TS/SCI”

The latter is the real kicker. Documents marked “TS/SCI”. What does that mean? Well, when it comes to classified documents, there’s secrecy, and there’s secret. The classification is “Confidential”, “Secret”, “Top Secret”… and ABOVE Top Secret is TS/SCI. It stands for “Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information”. This is the highest possible level of secrecy and generally relates to matters of national security. That’s how serious it all is.

We are talking about documents that can only be viewed in a secure room called SCIF. They certainly cannot be removed and stored at a Palm Beach golf club.

The mandate itself does not say what is in these TS/SCI documents, but we have a good idea thanks to a leak. On Thursday evening, insiders told the Washington Post sensitive documents were linked to nuclear weapons. We’re going to let that sink in. Nuclear weapons.

There is the defense that Trump could have declassified the documents on his way out. There are documents you can declassify, and then there’s stuff so top secret and crucial to national security that even the president can’t raise his hand and make it kosher. One of them is our country’s nuclear secrets.

What charges Trump could face

So yes… Nuclear weapons…

A simple violation of the Presidential Records Act would be a crime in itself (hilariously, it’s thanks to Trump himself signing a law upgrading the felony to a misdemeanor). But we don’t talk about that anymore. With issues of national security and nuclear secrets at stake, we are looking at far more serious crimes.

According to the warrant, Trump is under investigation for the following:

  • removal or destruction of records
  • obstruction of justice
  • espionage law violation

The first one we have already passed. Obstruction – which he previously committed in the Russia investigation, according to Robert Müller himself, despite not having suffered any consequences – is presumably for not returning the documents when asked.

First of all, the mere fact that the FBI found these things apparently means that Trump committed these crimes. Simply taking them is illegal.

We’re sure one of Trumpland’s defenses will soon be that it was just some documents that Trump forgot to return, but we’ll remind you that they were kept in a safe place in Trump’s office and that the old POTUS would not return them. despite numerous attempts for months by NARA. No, he wanted to keep these documents.

This brings us to spying.

worst case scenario

What could a former president want with nuclear secrets?? Nothing good. There is no legitimate reason for a private citizen, even an ex-POTUS, to have recourse to nuclear secrets. Frankly, that’s the other shoe falling for a lot of people who really paid attention to the worst accusations against Trump. We’re talking about more than fooling children’s charities, even catching p*****s.

As early as February 2019, whistleblowers told the House Oversight Committee that they feared Trump was selling nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia. Sounds like conspiracy theory nonsense, right? We are there with you. But as crazy as it sounds, IT REALLY HAPPENED. You can still read the report HERE.

Why would Trump do this? Well it’s like Eric Trump said one of the times his father was accused of racism:

“My father only sees one color: green. That’s all he cares about. »

All he cares about is money. Remember, that was said as a compliment! Would a man who only cares about money sell nuclear secrets to another nation? Tell the Saudis??

Well, in case you didn’t hear, earlier this year, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner secured a $2 billion investment from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. No one can really figure out why. So there is that, which you can read more about HERE.

Of course, that could mean we’re talking about more than a violation of the Espionage Act. We are not national security experts, but if nuclear secrets were sold to another country, wouldn’t that be considered a capital T? ? Not Trump. Treason. We are talking about treason.

If you don’t think Trump would be willing to risk the security of our nation and the world for billions of dollars, just look at how he attacked – and still actively attacks – the faith in our institutions, the sanctity of our elections and the peaceful transfer of power. Even his fans must know he’s the kind of man who puts his bank account first, right?

So what else have we learned?

BTW, Eric Trump is full of it

Well it’s not exactly recent newsbut yes, we now have proof that Eric Trump’s bluster about dad’s lawyer not being able to watch the warrant was totally BS As you can clearly see in the warrant, Christina Bob SIGNED THE RECEIPTS to show that she had been properly briefed on everything the feds were looking for – and indeed getting out of Mar-A-Lago.

Don himself continues to deny everything, writing on his Social truth account Friday morning:

“The nuclear weapons issue is a hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a hoax, two impeachments were a hoax, the Mueller investigation was a hoax, and so much more. The same shady people involved.

(Just a quick fact check – 1.) The Mueller report didn’t TOTALLY exonerate Trump from Russian collusion, he said they couldn’t find enough evidence due to all the obstruction of justice. He also found the Russians did help him – and even led to numerous accusations against bad Russian actors. 2. ) Asset has been impeached twice, it wasn’t a hoax. He was simply never going to be condemned by a half-Republican Senate.)

He continued:

“Why wouldn’t the FBI allow inspection of Mar-a-Lago areas in the presence of our attorney or others.” Made them wait outside in the heat, didn’t let them near – said “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. Anyone have any info on planting? Reminds me of a Christofer Steele file!

As for the accusation that his lawyers weren’t allowed to look over the FBI’s shoulders while they searched, letting civilians observe the searches is not standard operating procedure. already. This is not a special case.

Trump tries whataboutism

You can put that to music. First Trump denies wrongdoing, then he says so what the hell, obama did it.

Trump went after his all-time favorite punching bag as he tried to downplay his own investigation by saying Obama also took documents – only worse. As usual, without any factual basis, he wrote:

“President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, most of which are classified. How many of them were nuclear? The word is, a lot!

He claimed that Obama took millions of pages of documents to Chicago and “refused to return them”. But the National Archives and Records Administration was quick to close this bogus equivalency, claiming that Obama in fact had NO outstanding records. In accordance with the Presidential Archives Act, they explained, Obama’s unclassified presidential archives – note the use of the word unclassified there – are stored in one of their facilities, the National Archives in Chicago. The repository, where visitors can go to see the documents — again, this is the unclassified those – happens to be in Obama’s hometown. They could also have ended up at one of the facilities in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, New York, or Seattle — but that wasn’t up to the former president, as NARA pointed out:

“As required by the PRA, former President Barack Obama has no control over where or how NARA stores his administration’s presidential records.”

So no, Obama has no record. In fact, he would even have to pay money to get copies!

We wouldn’t be surprised if we heard several more defenses coming from Trump and his camp as they tried to come up with one that sticks. We’ve learned by now that’s sure to be enough for his base, damn it, they even choose not to believe the facts they don’t want. Of course, they will fall into it. But what will the federal government do? Are they really going to accuse a former president of such serious crimes? We’ll find out soon…

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