Desus Nice returned late at night for the first time since their Showtime series ended.

The comedian, otherwise known as Daniel Baker, was filling in as a guest host on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, a month after it emerged he had split from late night partner The Kid Mero and their show Desus and Mero ended after four seasons.

Desus didn’t spend too much time during his monologue talking about his old show, though it was clear he was still getting used to hosting on his own rather than as part of a double act.

He joked about the difference between broadcast TV and premium cable. “Look, it’s weird hosting a show on network TV because I was on Showtime for the last four years where they pretty much let you say whatever you want. Guillermo, can I say what I want on ABC? »

Kimmel’s sidekick jokingly replied, “I don’t think so, but you’re not coming back tomorrow so who cares.”

Desus also got a bit more political than it used to be Desus and Mero, spending more time talking about Donald Trump’s problems with the FBI. He joked about Trump’s claim to bring documents back to his golf club. “When you get kicked out of the office, you can’t take the Xerox machine home. When I got fired from Showtime, they wouldn’t let me bring the cast back. Shameless,” he said.

Other topics discussed included potential mega-floods in California, changing CDC pandemic guidelines, a drunken bear, splashed squirrels, and an attempted peace negotiation between New York and Los Angeles.

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