SPY X FAMILY Chapter 69 Release Date

The release date of SPY X FAMILY Chapter 69 will be October 02, 2022. Well worth two weeks for such an interesting and wholesome manga. As time passes, we are sure that this manga series will be successful enough to receive an anime adaptation by a well-known studio, which will turn it into a masterpiece. If you want to know more about the current manga release dates, we recommend you visit Animemanganews.com for all the latest episode release dates of the anime and manga series.

Where to read SPY X FAMILY Chapter 69?

Viz Media and Mangaplus are the best places to watch SPY X FAMILY. All the latest chapters of SPY X FAMILY and SPY X FAMILY Chapter 69 are available for free on these sites. SPY X FAMILY is a bimonthly manga series that releases two new chapters approximately every month. Due to tight schedules, release dates for these manga chapters may be slightly delayed. Stay updated with us for the latest news on manga chapter and anime episode delays.


To keep the peace, the agent “Twilight” cannot perform any task that is too difficult. Twilight is Westalis’ main spy, and in neighboring Ostania she works tirelessly to combat extremism. Donovan Desmond has been assigned to investigate his latest assignment in Ostania, involving politicians from the prestigious Eden Academy. Her job requires her to get married, have a boy, and stay with her family. The most difficult task is to work with an agent.

Anya, supposedly an orphan, is immediately adopted by Twiligh, a six-year-old “Loid Forger” and potential Eden Academy student. As an absentee worker, she is introduced to Yor Briar, who impresses her friends as a wife with a cunning partner. Loid, on the other hand, is far from alone in his invisibility. Yor is brilliant as the murderous “thorn princess” of the moon. Her marriage to Loid is an excellent disguise. Through secret experiments, she is able to read people’s minds. She works as a waitress. The middle child doesn’t appear to be Anya. They are cool secret agents waiting for their new parents to find out who they are. Anya is anecdotal. Anya is awesome. Anya, please. She would never tell, of course. The festival was ruined

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