Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date, Raw Details

Overgeared Chapter 144 reveals the arrival of Mr. Greed to deliver some shocking news. Damian’s return begins at Rebbecca’s Church Cathedral, where he meets Isabella and Lim. He realizes that Isabella is not feeling well since she is coughing up blood. Shin wonders why the room was too cold, and Lim reveals that Damian came back a week earlier than expected.

Lim also reveals that Isabella’s condition and her expectations are too high. Damian realizes he completed his mission early but is late because he first invited Mr. Greed to visit them. Lim is surprised and wonders if Damian is talking about Rebecca’s church savior when he says Mr. Greed.

Lim wonders if the savior of the church is going to visit them. They know that Pascal, the candidate for pope to head the church, was the leader of the Judah church. Lim realizes that Pascal has some legitimacy in poison due to descent from the 5th Pope, Franz. The Duke of the Empire supports Pascal as the next pope, and nothing can stop him. Damian is furious that someone like Pascal is using Rebecca’s church for self-interest, and if Pascal becomes pope, it will be just as much of a nightmare as Drevigo.

Damian tells Isabella to hold on a little longer until she agrees when he becomes Pope no matter what and saves Rebecca’s daughter. Later, Damian speaks with the elders about the search and destruction of the Yatan Temple, but he worries that they are in the middle of a major campaign. Damian also realizes that the location is unspecified and asks the council of elders to be fair. He asks them why they support only one candidate. One of the elders reminds Damian that he promised to take Isabel’s missions and that he will compete for the place of Pope.

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The second elder asks Damian to give up or abandon a task if it is a burden on him. Damian thinks deeply and realizes that if he focuses too much on candidate elections, Isabella will go and accomplish the mission. Failure to do so will terminate his candidacy. Damian realizes the council is against Isabel, and that they can kill her to return the Spear of Lifael to the new owner. He worries about Isabel and realizes he can only protect her. Damian accepts what the elders tell him to protect Isabel.

He decides to leave and knows that Mr. Greed told him about his departure when they last met, and that it will take him three days to arrive. When Damian is about to leave, the lady’s mysterious voice tells him not to go. The lady tells Mr. Damian that she will complete the mission. Damian looks back and can’t believe Isabel is risking her health for a mission. He reminds her that she must not leave the room and that she needs three days to heal.

Isabel thanks Damian for all he has done and reminds him that he must become the next pope. She realizes that everything will be over if she doesn’t help him, and that the scoundrel will become pope. Isabel believes that only Damian can save the unfortunate children. Pascal and his followers arrive, and he is happy to see his rival. He taunts Shin saying that if Damian becomes pope he will put their church to shame. Isabel scolds Pascal for insulting the power of attorney of the goddess Rebecca and reminds him that it is blasphemy. Pascal thinks Isabel and Damian are tools of war for the church.

Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 144 will be released on September 15, 2022. Mr. Greed has arrived to rescue Damian, who is all excited. He reveals that Damian is the goddess’ proxy, and that he will act as guardian. Isabel hands the spear to Mr. Greed, and he will awaken his powers in the next chapter. You can also check out the latest Overgeared Chapter 144 updates and other news below.

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The latest chapter of Overgeared is released weekly. This manga will soon reveal where you can get Overgeared new chapter, but the official sources are yet to announce anything about this manga. See you after the release of Overgeared Chapter 144.