One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Date & Time, Spoilers

After his failed invasion of Amazon Lily, Blackbeard has decided to kidnap Koby! What will happen to Koby now that the news has spread around the world? Here is everything you need to know about One Piece Chapter 1060, Release Date, Time and Spoilers!

One Piece Chapter 1059 Recap

Marco is dropped off by the Red-Haired Pirates near Whitebeard’s homeland, Sphinx.

He thanks Shanks for the ride, while the latter asks him if he has decided not to join his crew.

Marco jokes that Shanks should stop dreaming because he’s far too old and tired to continue babysitting for his crew.

Shanks laughs and tells Marco that he’s not that dumb and that Beck should agree with him. Marco quickly left, bidding his last goodbyes to the Red Pirates.

Marco also remembers a time in Wano when Yamato refused to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Yamato chose not to join Luffy and his crew due to his attachment to Wanokuni. He informed everyone that Ryokugyu’s attack made him realize that defeating Kaido would open the floodgates for more people like the Admiral to flood into the land.

Yamato can’t just give up on them that way. Yamato also informed Luffy that, knowing the potential threats to Wano, none of them would be comfortable. Luffy accepted Yamato’s explanation and told him that would be a relief.

Also, Luffy asked Yamato to watch over Momonosuke and the others. Zoro also warns Yamato to be careful as Momonosuke has a lot of pride to worry about.

Meanwhile, Marco calls Luffy and informs him that there is a ship nearby that will take him.

Luffy tells Marco that he never got a chance to thank him during the Summit War. Marco saves Luffy and asks Jinbe to take Ace’s brother and leave.

Marco and Jinbe recall that they all seemed ready for action at the time, leading them to wonder why. Jinbe doesn’t care and tells Marco that he doesn’t know why either.

Before Marco can leave, he congratulates Luffy and says Ace would be proud of how far he’s come.

After that, Marco flew off, thinking about how the present belonged to the younger generation.

Meanwhile, Gloriosa observes that the town of Amazon Lily is in disarray. This is the first time in their history that men have completely dominated them.

Hancock says the Navy won’t leave her alone as long as she’s on Amazon Lily. But she has no idea where to go. Hancock’s only thought is to go to Luffy and marry him, to which Gloriosa replies that she’s always been that way.

A few weeks ago, the attacking Marines, led by Koby, decided to send their new Pacifistas to face the Kuja Pirates. The Kuja Pirates have difficulty defending themselves as the new Pacifistas have taken the form of children.

Blackbeard’s ship unexpectedly appeared on the shores of Amazon Lily. There, Blackbeard built a Kaishin to successfully drive off the Marines.

Blackbeard walked out with Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot, laughing and acting arrogant.

Blackbeard then stated that he won’t let the Navy take Hancock’s love fruit power away from him.

Catarina Devon remarked on Hancock’s handsome face and how he will make a great trophy after wringing his neck. Vasco Shot steps in and tells Devon that she might have her way with Hancock after they take her powers.

On the other hand, Vice Admiral Yamakiji and his troops were attacked by Blackbeard. Before HQ could give the order to engage Blackbeard, the latter easily blew them up.

As a result, Blackbeard forced entry to the island and demanded that Hancock come out and surrender.

However, Koby, who was ahead of Blackbeard, invited Hancock to come with him and surrender, promising that the Marines would leave immediately if she agreed.

Hancock, for his part, categorically refused their arrogance. She shouted that their opponents were wasting their breath and she would never submit to be another’s captive.

Simultaneously, Blackbeard received a call for help from his subordinates. He is shocked to see that his troops have been defeated by a young Pacifista with white hair, brown skin, and black wings.

The young Pacifista has all the characteristics of a Lunarian, as well as a sword capable of cutting an island in two!

The Pacifista began attacking Blackbeard, much to his surprise. He forced Blackbeard to swallow everything in the Black Hole.

At the same time, Hancock decided to use Slave Arrow to scare away the Marines, including Helmeppo and Yamakiji.

Koby then ordered the Pacifista to stop attacking before he could crush the stone-turned marines. Before Hancock could use his Scented Femur, Blackbeard managed to grab him by the neck, rendering his abilities ineffective.

Blackbeard recognized Hancock’s abilities and told him that he had admired his power for some time.

In response, Hancock smiles and arrogantly brags that her beauty is what makes her power so formidable.

She also informed Blackbeard that anyone who inherits his powers will not be able to unleash them. Additionally, if Blackbeard decides to kill Hancock, all of his forces will be tied down indefinitely.

Blackbeard then turns to Koby, who informs him that they are at an impasse. Blackbeard also mentions how Koby helped him in Rocky Port by allowing him to depose Ochoku and take over Pirate Island.

After that, Blackbeard asks if Koby can free Hancock. After all, it will be difficult for him if the Marines remain fearful. Hancock replies that she will leave the island if he ever lets her go.

On the other hand, Blackbeard is still convinced that Hancock will simply petrify them all once he lets him go. He believes that no man can resist Hancock’s lure and that they will lose the bet once Hancock is freed.

At this point, Blackbeard is determined to kill Hancock, which Koby strongly opposes.

To Blackbeard and Koby’s surprise, Silver Rayleigh appears on the battlefield.

Rayleigh apologizes to Hancock for being late, even though he knows the Marines are besieging the island.

As Koby exclaims about Rayleigh’s nickname, Blackbeard remarks that Rayleigh is Whitebeard’s former apprentice and he doesn’t like him.

Rayleigh then asks Hancock to release everyone who has been turned to stone and assures him that the incident will not escalate. He also assured Hancock that he would not tolerate any stupidity under his watch.

At that time, Hancock thanked Rayleigh for his help. Shakuyaku was revealed to be Rayleigh’s companion and the former Empress of Amazon Lily from two generations ago. She was also revealed to be the former captain of the Kuja Pirates.

Shakuyaku warns everyone that with Vegapunk’s sea stone paddle boats on the loose, the Calm Belt will no longer be safe.

Gloriosa also mentions that she thought they were doomed because of the Navy’s new weapons and the unexpected arrival of Blackbeard.

Rayleigh remarks that they are lucky as her previous reputation saved them. After all, he has aged. Shakuyaku also believes she will be defeated in a fight against Blackbeard.

Rayleigh concludes that the Marines are using the Pacifistas to replace the Seven Warlords of the Seas with Boa Marigold and Boa Sandersonia.

The group also comments on how strange it is that one of them looks like Boa Hancock when she was just a child.

On the other hand, news of Koby’s kidnapping has spread. Koby, the hero of the Rocky Port Incident, has been kidnapped by Blackbeard, one of the Four Emperors! Unfortunately, his current status is unknown!

One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1060 is scheduled to release on September 18, 2022 in international regions such as US, UK and Europe.

In Japan, Chapter 1060 is scheduled for release on September 19, 2022.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Time

In Japan, One Piece Chapter 1060 is scheduled to release on September 19, 2022, at 12:00 JST. If this information remains correct, the following exit times will apply to your location:

Pacific Time: 9:00 a.m. Sunday
Central Time: 11:00 a.m. Sunday
Eastern Time: Sunday at 12:00 p.m.
UK time: 5:00 p.m. Sunday

One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers

As of now, no major spoilers have been leaked on the internet by fans. It is assumed, however, that Koby’s fate will be revealed in the next chapter.

Simultaneously, readers of the manga will get a glimpse of the other warlords. While Chapter 1058 was all about Crocodile, Mihawk, Buggy, Kuma, and Jinbe, Chapter 1059 was all about Hancock.

Based on this pattern, Reddit user West_Conclusion_1239 surmised that the next chapter will focus on remaining warlords such as Doflamingo, Weevil, or Moria.

This article will be updated if and when a major spoiler is revealed. For now, stay tuned for more news and updates on One Piece Chapter 1060.

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