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My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex is available on Crunchyroll! If you want to know when will episode 7 be released, read on! In previous episodes, the Irido house is in the middle of the night. Unbeknownst to her, Yume came into possession of Mizuto’s underpants. Mizuto would probably have to take a penalty for revealing she was the youngest sibling if she found out, which is pretty unlikely.

Yume waits until Mizuto is asleep before taking Mizuto’s underwear back to the bathroom laundry room, to prevent this situation from happening. But as she walks down the hall, she comes across a puzzled Mizuto with his mouth open, holding Yume’s bra.

Mizuto wants Yume to go have coffee with him as revenge for the panty incident. Yume is surprised by the unexpected turn of events, but little did she know that it was all part of Kawanami Kogure’s cunning plan to derail Minami Akatsuki’s unrealistic hopes of marrying Mizuto in order to become Yume’s beloved younger sister. And what better way to do that than by convincing her that Yume only sees Mizuto?

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Yume and Mizuto went to buy a gift together. Yuni, their mother, is overjoyed to receive a gift from them and is overwhelmed with joy. Mizuto wonders if it wouldn’t be good to give their parents some time to enjoy their life as newlyweds after seeing the joy they brought him.

With a high schooler’s budget, there’s not much to help them, though. So Mizuto recommends that he and Yume go somewhere else to spend the night. To know everything about the release of episode 7 of My Stepmom’s Daugther is my Ex, read on!

my stepmoms daughter is my ex episode 7

What is the release date and time of episode 7 of My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex?

The wait is no longer very long! The My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex episode 7 release date has been set for August 18, 2022. For the most impatient, episode 7 release time My Stepmom’s Daughter is my Ex was set for 5 p.m.