My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Release Date and Time

In the previous chapter, Lemillion scans the area of ​​the fight and observes that the Pro-Heroes fight against Tomura barely surviving. He wonders if this is the future Sir Nighteye had planned for him. Fortunately, Mandalay sends a telepathic message to the Pro Heroes who remain unharmed. If you also follow My Hero Academia manga and are eager to check out Chapter 367, we are waiting for you here.

Mandalay informs them of the good news and asks them to remove the electric wave. Tomura Shigaraki has to be confined for only two seconds, Jeanist acknowledges that it will take longer than expected. He is still afraid of Tomura and constantly thinks about his statements. He is so terrified of Tomura’s words and strong presence that he can’t even look at him.

Lemi also decides to find a way to get Tomura to listen to him after finding out he won’t. This makes Lemillion worried, but he remembers the advice his old teacher gave him and knows he needs to keep smiling. However, he appears next to Tomura, surprising him.

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Release Date and Time

The release date of popular manga My Hero Academia Chapter 367 is September 25, 2022. You will be able to read this chapter at 7:30 PM Central Time on Sunday. Chapter 367 will be available to read on Viz Media, Manga Plus, and the official My Hero Academia chapter site.

Spoilers for Chapter 367

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Raw Scan will be released on September 23, 2022. In the upcoming chapter, fans will be able to see the latest fight involving Midoriya and Shigaraki (AFO). Both are now in excellent shape. All professional heroes will fight alongside Midoriya against Shigaraki/AFO, as the heroes had already planned. Midoriya should now fight alone. They have all been beaten before.

Bakugo can also decide to join the war against Deku. And this time he will use the epiphany of his quirk. If the conditions are the same as in the battle against Nine. Both Bakugo and Deku used their maximum abilities to defeat him at that time. When Deku and Bakugo are at their peak, their combined efforts will be staggering. Thus, Midoriya’s influence is perfect for saving the day.

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