My Hero Academia Chapter 366 Release Date

There’s some shocking news for fans looking to read My Hero Academia Chapter 366 this week. They may not find the chapter anywhere on the internet this weekend. Indeed, a break has already been announced. The manga is currently approaching the final chapters of the story. And in this chapter there will be many losses and many victories. Either Shigaraki will die a miserable death or he will change his mind. Here’s everything you need to know about this chapter.

In the upcoming story, fans will see Edgeshot’s final fate. After pushing his limits to a level of invulnerability, he must enlist the help of his peers in order to be saved from death. Will this lead to a new sacrifice?

My Hero Academia Chapter 366: What Happens Next?

As the release of the next chapter is imminent, the scans for this chapter have not been released yet. Chapter 366 of My Hero Academia will certainly open with the revelation of how venomous Shigaraki’s gesture is. But the fact that he felt invulnerable and miserable at the time of the attack is something that is sure to hamper the move. This is when the heroes will find an opening to defend against their powers.

The chapter will also show the fate of Edgeshot. Since he has pushed his body to limits it was not used to, he has to suffer the strong repercussions. Bakugo told him that he might be able to repair his lungs and internal organs. However, the same cannot be said for his heart. Will the hero survive?

Summary of the previous chapter

The title of My Hero Academia Chapter 365 was “No.4 and No.5”. The chapter began with an explanation of how Edgeshot’s quirk works. After years of training, he had managed to mold his body in such a way that he could stretch it as finely as a spider’s web. However, this resulted in permanent damage to his lungs and internal organs. Bakugo claimed that he was going to repair his organs with his powers. This is where Shigaraki said he was going to destroy everything.

He said he was not going to leave the game without giving his life in this fight. And so he charged the heroes once more. However, the villain realized that the more powerful he felt, the more unhappy he felt. No matter how strong, all he could feel was misery and grief. The chapter ended without showing what this attack had caused.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366: Release Date

The next release will be delayed by two weeks. Viz’s official schedule has confirmed this delay. So, the final release date of My Hero Academia Chapter 366 is September 20, 2022. Fans will be able to view all episodes only on the official pages of Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus.

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