My Hero Academia Chapter 366: Release Date Confirmed

If he fixes Bakugo’s internal organs, then he will live on inside him with his quirk. So Bakugo will live until Edgeshot lives. It would be a pretty serious situation. In addition, the city will lose two heroes at once.

The next chapter of the manga will also talk about Shigaraki’s power increase. His powers have been overactive lately. Additionally, his original powers put pressure on Shigaraki’s other quirks. It seems that the powers bring him pain and sadness. Bakugo’s life is still in Edgeshot’s hands. Let’s start right away with the details regarding the next chapter of the manga!

What happened in the previous chapter?

The 365th chapter of My Hero Academia comes out with Edgeshots original explanation. However, he decided to do it alone. People warned him that it could also go wrong. But Edgehot explains that he can repair Bakugo’s internal organs once he masters his prank. He can convert it into the same fine fibers that spiders use to create webs. But Shigaraki didn’t like it.

He unleashes fierce attacks on heroes targeting Bakugo. However, Mirko got in the way and damaged her arm while trying to save the heroes. The best Jeanist fixed her, and she’s still fighting on the spot. But Shigaraki’s power spirals out of control. He is losing control over them all. Also, her grief resurfaces due to her quirks.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366: What Happens Next?

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 will be a battle for Bakugo’s survival. Edgeshot does his best to revive Bakugo. However, Shigaraki doesn’t seem to let him. Looks like he’s getting bad vibes from Bakugo. The power of the Edgeshots can increase Bakugo’s quirkiness. This is why Shigaraki was extremely afraid of Bakugo’s rebirth.

However, sad news may befall the heroes in the next chapter of the manga. Mirko’s hand is gone, and she can barely hold her prosthetic arm and leg. However, she had to get to the hospital in time. However, she fights off all enemies with the help of Best Jeanist and her monstrous words. We’ll have to see if Bakugo can get there in time.

My Hero Academia Chapter 366: Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 366 will be released on September 20, 2022. The upcoming chapter will clear up much of the confusion regarding Bakugo. After a two-week hiatus, fans are eager to read the manga. It will be available to read on the official sites of Viz, Manga Plus, and Shonen.