My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Release Date

MHA fans might not be thrilled to hear the news about this week’s release. So, in the latest update, fans got to know that My Hero Academia Chapter 363 will not release on the scheduled date. Instead, the chapter is scheduled for release within the next ten days. The last chapter of the story therefore ended on a real cliffhanger. Bakugo was hit by a powerful attack from Shigaraki. Will the boy survive this attack? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

In the next chapter, fans will be able to catch up on how the other heroes manage to save Bakugo. The priority is to avoid as many human losses as possible. Plus, Bakugo is a professional hero in every sense of the word. Thus, saving him is more important than fighting Tomura.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363: What Happens Next?

Official plot details and spoilers for the upcoming chapter have yet to be released in the public domain. As the chapter has been delayed for a week, spoilers have also been brought forward. My Hero Academia Chapter 363 will therefore open with a panel showing Bakugo lying on the ground, half-dead. While pondering the possibility of possessing the All Might card, he was attacked by Shigaraki.

The last scene shows him bleeding profusely. We therefore assume that we could end up losing the hero who accompanied us from the beginning. Only the next chapter will give the answer to whether Bakugo will survive this battle to see victory or not. All questions will be answered next week.

Summary of the previous chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 362 started with Tamaki eventually managing to finish off Shigaaraki. He needed help from Mirio and Nejire. But when the dust settled, Shigaraki was unimpressed with the strength. Shigaraki taunted them, telling them that they might not even be able to fight All Might with such power. Later, Bakugo awoke from his state to attack Tomura head-on.

But it turns out that no attack could change Shigaraki’s eternal strength. The man was unharmed in all respects. The chapter then cuts to a flashback sequence showing Bakugo holding the All Might card in his hands. But in the meantime, Shigaraki managed to punch Bakugo, causing him to lie on the ground, half-dead. Now the only question left is whether the boy will survive to see the next day or not.

My Hero Academia Chapter 363: Release Date

“Light Fades To Rain” brought some of the best visuals to this chapter in the manga. But in the absence of raw scans, the speculation market is raging for My Hero Academia Chapter 363. Thus, the final release date of the next chapter is set for August 22, 2022. Fans will be able to find all the manga chapters only on the official pages of Viz Media, Shonen, and MangaPlus.

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