Komi Can't Communicate Chapter 371 Release Date

This week’s release schedule includes many banners. But the chapter that fans are most eager to read is Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 371. The final chapter was dedicated to match day, when the boys finally suffered a defeat and were knocked out of the competition on the field. The person who felt particularly bad about this defeat was Wakai-Kun. It was then that he went to meet Manbagi-sama. Without taking much of your time, here’s everything you need to know about the next chapter.

As the story continues, Komi and Tadano go to sit together for a study session. But nothing can happen without conflict. And this is where a fight is likely to unfold between the two. It will be interesting to see what Komi looks like when she is angry.

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 371: What Happens Next?

As shown in the last panel of the previous chapter, the title of this week’s release will be “Study Session You Better Not Be Loud”. The title of the chapter evokes the meeting between Komi and Tadano. But this time, they’re not going to waste time hanging out or having a good time together. On the contrary, they will meet for a study session.

As the title suggests, Tadano is likely to make a lot of noise while studying. This is one of the first times fans will see Komi angry. She will try to scold Tadano for not listening to her. It will be interesting to see how the study session unfolds in Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 371. The chapter will also examine how many studies are actually carried out during this period.

Summary of the previous chapter

Komi can’t communicate Chapter 370 was all about the football match, which was announced two weeks ago. In this chapter, we could see that Itan High School Football Club has been winning game after game. After all these celebrations and victories, the team finally had to deal with defeat. It was then that the team captain went to meet one of his close friends. The encounter between Wakai-Kun and Manbagi was a joy to watch.

Both were shy to talk to each other. However, the chemistry was still there. But when Akira learned that there would be no more matches at the club, she immediately got upset. She wanted to see him play more. The chapter ended with Wakai-Kun not being able to meet Manbagi’s eyes after having this conversation.

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 371: Release Date

The final release date for the next chapter has not been revealed. But the fans hope that the new chapter will be released in the same week. The final release date of Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 371 is expected to be September 27, 2022. Fans will be able to find all the chapters of this manga only on the official Kodansha pages.

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