Kingdom Chapter 732, Spoilers, Release Date

The raw scans of the next chapter have not yet been made available to fans. Nevertheless, the last chapter makes it very clear that Gian will encounter considerable difficulties. Once again, Shin led his soldiers into Gian’s castle with little to no work on their part. The next chapter begins with the gradual invasion of the fortress by the army.

The idea that Kanki and his soldiers will soon enter the country is glossed over. When the entire castle falls, Riboku will suffer heavy losses. This once again demonstrates how flawed the plan to divide the war in the Northern Zone was. The last conflict will undoubtedly be difficult. As of Kingdom Chapter 732, the conflict can always go either way.

Kingdom Chapter 732 Release Date

With each new episode, Kingdom’s plot tension increases. However, it seems that the conflict is not about to end. In other words, there will be a slight delay in the release of this week’s chapter. On September 12, 2022, the final printed version of Kingdom Chapter 732 will be made available to readers. Fans of the manga will find that the official Kodansha sites are the only places to read the latest installments.

Kingdom fans will have to wait a little longer than usual because, as the chapter number indicates, Chapter 732 is a special bonus chapter. The last board of the previous chapter clearly indicated that there would be no new chapter the following week. The momentum of the war changed with this chapter. Shin deployed the Saki’s forces effectively, bringing them closer to victory. But when they enter the castle, a lot of things will happen.

Here’s everything you need to know before moving on to the next chapter, so there’s no need to waste time thinking about it any longer. Readers can pick up the story from Riboku’s point of view in the next chapter. Commander Zhao has not been seen for some time. Perhaps he had intended all along to bring down Gian’s castle. But if that wasn’t the intention all along, they should expect a loss.

Chapter 731 Recap

Kingdom At the start of Chapter 731, a massive army had amassed in front of Gian’s Kingdom. For an opportunity to storm the castle, Saki, Shin and the rest of his forces waited for the siege to collapse. Although they could stay there for months, it was decided that they would launch their assault from the rear of the castle.

The back wall of the castle included a set of stairs. People started climbing the wall and diving into the group of guards one by one. The three men who led the men into the castle were named Denyuu, Shin, and Ryuu. The chapter ends with the three monster commanders deployed on the battlefield. Eventually, without any loss of life along the way, the Qin army enters the castle.

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