Eleceed Chapter 212 Release Date Recap

Eleceed Chapter 212 continues after a mysterious man arrives who saved this “kid”. Everyone wonders who this man is and notices that it is Kayden. Kayden’s entrance shocked everyone, and the mystery villains wondered why Kayden had arrived, risking his life for this “kid.” The mysterious villain wanted to say something, but he is surprised to receive showers of blows all over his face. He realizes it’s raining barrages of punches on his face. Kayden smashes the villain’s face, who opens his eyes and learns that his face is bloody. The villain attempts to negotiate, but Kayden doesn’t care and lands massive blows on him.

Kayden appears after an explosion, and her right foot is in the villain’s face. The villain asks him why he is attacking without even talking to him or giving him a chance to prepare. Kayden wonders if this guy is here to joke and if he should be punished for what he did to this “kid”. He keeps talking, and Kayden sends him flying even if his life is at stake. Kayden is still holding the kid, proving that the kid is someone special. The defeated warriors now know that the savior has come to their aid.

But they are shocked and learn that Curtin has also joined the battle. The villain is surprised, he wonders why Curtin also arrived. The other villain, who received a beating from Kayden, is unrecognizable as his face has changed and is covered in blood. Kayden isn’t surprised the villain isn’t dead after being punched once. He explains why he hit the bad guy more than once. Kayden notices someone attacking her and realizes it’s another enemy. The enemy is furious that Kayden attacked him because of this child.

Previously in Eleceed Chapter 211

The enemy realizes that Kayden is angry and says he wouldn’t have touched him if he had known the kid was Kayden’s student. The kid is yet to be revealed as his face is lowered and only his hair is visible. The others were shocked to learn of the existence of Kaidyen’s student, and the shocking truth is about to be revealed. The other warriors look at the child and notice that it is Seo Jiwoo. One of the guys points out that Seo Jiwoo is Kayden’s student. They were shocked that Kayden had a student because he had never said before that he was too dangerous when someone touched or hurt the special child.

This prompted many questions from warriors and foes alike as the battle continued. Kayden proved he could fight a thousand people with one hand while carrying his student Seo Jiwoo. Seo Jiwoo is that “child” that Kayden can protect even if he can risk his life and die. But Seo Jiwoo is heavily injured and unconscious. Jayden wonders if these guys are telling the truth that they wouldn’t hurt Seo Jiwoo if they knew he was his student.

The villainous Frame responds that he has no intention of starting a war with Kayden and will never be hostile towards him. But he thinks that no matter who Kayden is, he should never dare to act harshly towards the Frame. Kayden smiles and reminds Frame that he once touched the bloodied Seo Jiwoo. Curtin observes with the others and realizes that Frame is going to receive a brutal punishment. Thus begins the Kayden vs. Frame fight. Kayden ramps up and Frame reminds him that he won’t get anything out of this fight. Kayden kills many bad guys with a single explosion that Frame survives, telling him that he started it.

Eleceed Chapter 212 Release Date

Eleceed Chapter 212 will be released on September 24, 2022. Frame believes that Kayden is going to pay, and as soon as he tries to attack, Kayden obliterates everything using g lightning. But Curtin did something before Kayden attacked. The aftermath of the clash between Kayden and Frame will be revealed in the chapter, even though Frame failed to land a single blow. You can check out the details of Eleceed Chapter 212 below.

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