Eleceed Chapter 211 release date Spoilers

The great Kayden Break entered the arena to defend Jiwoo who was nearly crushed to death. Eleceed Chapter 211 is all about Kayden’s fight against the Frame.

Jiwoo had gathered all the energy he could to use his electric attack so that light damage could buy some time but the Cadre member had been given a warning before being hit by the direct intensity of the attack.

As Jiwoo had impressed the Cadre members with his powers, they could no longer look aside as there were strong students present.

Dealing with world-class players is on a whole other level as mere students don’t have direct experience unlike Jiwoo and his team.

Another incident that shocked the Academy students was Subin and Jisuk’s coordination to help Jiwoo succeed. The awakened ones, even if they are in a group, don’t tend to coordinate well, but they did very well without communication.

Now things have heated up as Jiwoo is injured and Kayden has come in to wreak havoc. Eleceed Chapter 211 is sure to be a satisfying chapter with Kayden defeating the Cadre.

Chances are an Eleceed anime will be announced soon, Kayden will look so good on the big screen, right?

Eleceed 211 Raw Scan Release Date

As a witness to all the previous scenes, we all know that Kayden doesn’t leave an inch for opponents who hurt Jiwoo. But Kayden is still not recovered. Will he be able to easily defeat multiple world-ranked players in Frame?

Eleceed Chapter 211 is definitely highly anticipated as the ending scene got all the readers excited. It definitely made us impatient.

Of course, there will be a week of waiting before the release of the next chapter. Eleceed 211 Official English Chapter will be updated on September 13, 2022.

The translation teams working on this series do their best to release the English scans within a day.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 159 and Kingdom Chapter 732 are going to be released this week, read them as soon as they are released.

Jiwoo has grown stronger since last time, as has his Electric Property Technique. Jiwoo was safe enough to cause light damage.

Even though Jiwoo has fast speed, Jisuk surely helped him boost his speed to make the attack faster and Subin pinned the opponent down with his ice.

Jiwoo used ‘Overload Maximum’ to hit the frame member with the fastest speed.

The technique and skill he displayed shocked all of the academy students who were defeated by Jiwoo even though he didn’t even go after them and show his full power.

The attack could have worked if he was hit suddenly, but as he was warned, it didn’t work as the Rebar member hatched plans to reduce the intensity of the damage.

Attack on Jiwoo

Obviously, the Cadre members who had come with a list of targets to kill all the talented budding students couldn’t let Jiwoo live after his show of power.

Usually they would have just let one of them take care of the students, but Jiwoo posed a huge threat, so more of the Cadre allowed themselves to hurt Jiwoo who was exhausted after his attack.

Jiwoo’s friends had already been hit during their fight, making them unable to help him.

A cadre member, Inos, came to attack and punch Jiwoo with the intention of killing him as there was no one left to oppose him.

What happens next?

Kayden, though not fully recovered, had enough power to deal with World Ranker 50. The Cadre members don’t appear to be people of higher rank than his own.

Kayden has already jumped into the arena by finishing off Inos who injured Jiwoo, so it’s only a matter of time before the Cadre members are defeated.

Jiwoo is known to have recovered from a broken core recently, and with Inos’ brutal attack, we can only hope that he doesn’t get seriously injured again. Good thing Curtis didn’t leave Jiwoo.

The raw scans of Eleceed 211 will be filled with action scenes as Kayden is visibly enraged now. With the unexpected arrival of a strong opponent like Kayden, which Frame did not expect, how will things go?

Eleceed Chapter 211 Spoilers

The raw scans still haven’t come out, so the translation process hasn’t started.

We will update this article with the raw and confirmed Eleceed Chapter 211 spoilers as soon as they become available. So stay tuned and also read our article on Lookism Chapter 413 while you wait.

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