Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Release Date Spoiler

Goku and Vegeta were seriously injured and fighting for their lives against Gas. They were helped by Granolah. Granolah was able to beat Gas, but it cost him something. It affects the life span of a person.

With help from Goku and Vegeta, he was able to hit Gas with his superpowered attack. What will happen if Granolah uses this power to get what she wants?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86 Recap

Goku is still fighting against Gas, but Vegeta is out of the fight. Goku is barely standing, and it looks like Gas is using him as a test subject. Gas’ enormous strength makes it look like our legendary Saiyans are going to lose. Goku tries to attack quickly by instantly teleporting, but nothing can stop him. Gas seems out of control and has great power. Granolah comes back into the fight as Goku was about to pass out. He asked Goku to give him some time so he could recharge. He had something in mind.

Goku just managed to hold Gas’s attention for a few more seconds. Gas now heads straight for Granolah. Vegeta lunges at Gas with a headbutt to stop him. Those final seconds did the trick, and Granolah is now charged enough to destroy Gas. Goku creates a massive body of energy and hurls Gas far into space. Granolah fires a powerful energy beam at Gas, which knocks him out for a few days.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 release date and time

The next chapter of Dragon Ball Super will be released on Friday, August 19, 2022. We still don’t know when that will happen. We will do that as soon as we know about it. There are still no spoilers or raw scans. We have to wait a bit longer to find out what will happen in Dragon Ball Chapter 87.

Where can you read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 online?

On Friday, August 19, 2022, you will be able to read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 on many Japanese news sites and magazines. It can also be read for free by people around the world on manga sites like Viz. Includes all chapters that have ever been released, plus the latest chapters in Japanese and English. I hope it will be enjoyable to read.

Dragon Ball Super 87 Spoilers

We haven’t heard anything yet about what’s coming in Dragon Ball Super 87. Don’t worry, we’re very close to receiving previews that will be officially released.

Within a week, the first pages will be published on the series’ website.

By August 15, 2022, we should know more about what’s to come in Dragon Ball Super 87. We’re just waiting for them to arrive. Once we find the leaks, we’ll put them here for you to enjoy.