Boruto Chapter 73 Release Date, Storyline, Preview, Leaks & Plot

After a month, the next chapter of Boruto manga is released. The very size of the manga is the cause of this delay. There were 42 pages in the previous chapter. So, Boruto Chapter 73 release date is set for September 20, 2022. Moreover, it will be accessible to readers on the main Viz site.

Konoha Hamlet will not be quiet in Boruto Chapter 73. The latest chapter of the manga has seen a lot of action. Shikamaru had a feeling that Kawaki was dating Eida. But the roles have been reversed, and now everything is upside down. Also, it is Eida who has feelings for Kawaki. When Amado arrives at Konoha Hamlet, he will take Eida and Daemon with him. More disturbingly, Code has unleashed the legendary Ten-Tails troops. In addition, the next installment promises to be rather chaotic.

The next volume of the manga will certainly be anarchic. A meeting between Eida and Kawaki is the first chaotic event that will be known. Kawaki is curious why Eida decided to restore his karma if he hates her so much. Kawaki will be placed in a difficult position if she learns of Eida’s confession. In addition, Code promotes the emergence of a new disorder. He freed the troops of the Ten Tail monster, which will wreak havoc in the manga’s next chapter.


The clash between Shikamaru and Kawaki was the first event of Boruto Chapter 72. Kawaki’s Karma had been damaged, and Shika suspected that he had asked for Eida’s help to fix things. Kawaki, however, was unaware. Amado called Shikamaru out of the blue. He explained to Shika that he couldn’t take Code with him. But he cut Code from Eida and Daemon. More importantly, Eida accepted Shikamaru’s proposal. This news troubled Shikamaru.

He froze in the face of this unexpected challenge. Despite this, Shika orders Amado to bring them both to Konoha. Momoshiki continues to annoy Boruto nonstop. Boruto saw Momoshiki’s ghost while on his way to the Hokage’s workplace. He said that Boruto was meant to serve as his vehicle. After that, however, Code and his servant took center stage. They descended into the basement where Code was keeping the Nine-Tailed Beast he had tamed. Along with the chakra materializing, he used it to cast the monster’s claw marks. Thanks to this, the massive beast gave birth to a legion of troops.

Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 73

Ten-Tailed Beasts will be the toughest obstacle in Boruto Chapter 73. Code has prepared an army of these troops. Incorporating the Ten Tail Beasts grants them considerable chakra strength. Either way, Eida and Daemon will help Konoha Village avoid this curse. They helped Code put his plan into action. It is therefore possible that they have the key to defeating the creatures. But first, they must infiltrate Konoha Village.

Kawaki’s anger towards Eida stems from the fact that he thinks he received unwanted help. Due to Eida’s behavior, the entire town began to distrust him. This is why the manga begins with Eida and Daemon arriving at the village. After Eida and Daemon help the city in its fight against the Ten Tail Beasts, Kawaki will acknowledge their loyalty.