Black Clover Chapter 339: Release Date and Expectations

The final chapter of Black Clover introduced us to the powers of Ichika Yami, Captain Yami’s sister, which she displayed while rescuing Ryuya. We also witnessed some memorable segments like the nostalgia Asta felt while traveling in Hino Country or the conversation between Asta and Ryuya where Ryuya advises Asta to train under the Seven Ryuzen.

The manga series is written by Yuki Tabata. First launched in 2015, it has been running ever since. In this article, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming 39th episode of Black Clover.

Black Clover Chapter 338 Recap

The previous chapter was quite clear and revealing in nature. Ryuya, during a conversation with Asta, revealed that he was the Shogun, meaning the ruler of the country. Asta remembered his childhood when he wandered around Hino Country. Also, he was quite surprised when he saw people using scrolls for magic.

We were also shown in detail the character introduced in 337 who looked a lot like Yami. It turns out to be Ichika, Yami’s sister, and she is very powerful. While fighting the bandits, Asta saw his Ki increase tenfold, allowing him to land a very powerful blow. Ryuya, who was aware of Asta’s desire to become stronger, then suggested that he train with the Seven Ryuzen.

Black Clover Chapter 339 Release Date

Chapters are published on a weekly basis. So, according to the schedule, the next episode should be released this week, the 26th, but it will not be possible due to an official break. We will be able to enjoy the next chapter Episode 339 on October 02, 2022.

Black Clover Chapter 339 Speculations

Fans have discussed many possibilities and speculations have been aired all over the internet. Asta can be expected to get stronger by training with the Seven Ryuzen and maybe Ichika. The training will help him surpass the level of the Witch King, his lifelong dream.

We could see a brief life story of Ryuya in this chapter where we will find out how he became the Shogun. Moreover, we will also find out if Ichika will agree to train Asta as she is not a fan of men like him.

Where to read the manga?

The latest manga chapters can be read on Viz Media and Mangaplus Shueisha. To read all the episodes of the manga, it is necessary to take out a subscription.